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Pastoral Letter November 2017

Finding the light in the darkness. 

I find winter quite melancholy, it is the season of the dying of the light, a time for preparation a time for letting go. The season is calling us in out of the cold, away from the distractions of sowing and planting, into the home that is our self. Now is the time to find our light in the darkness, a time to re-mind ourselves and discover how seasons past have grown us. It’s a time to look deep within and notice how the comings and goings have been woven into our being, growing or shrinking our pattern of life.candle light

We can imagine our inner being as a garden. If we close our eyes and open our imagination we can take a virtual tour. Seeing ourselves walking around the garden, noticing what has grown and what is struggling to grow. We can prune those areas that have got gnarly and ugly and we can plant a whole new wild flower meadow that holds in us promises of new life in all its variety. We can notice too how in the centre of this garden is a great light, a light that nothing can extinguish, this light is the light of our being, the light of all being.

We can rest and bathe in that light and know that there are many ways of knowing and coming to the light, quite often it is a simple as closing your eyes and using your imagination.

In all our preparations for the festive season, remember the light is within you find it and “All will be well”

Love Rev Bev