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Pastoral Letter October 2017

Dear Friends,

Sunday 29th October will be my last Sunday working in the Bromsgrove Parish team. I am leaving to take up a post at the Harnhill Centre of Christian Healing as a member of the ministry team there. Many people have asked what kind of place the Harnhill Centre is and what my work will involve.Oct Ltter

The Centre is set within a 16th century manor house in the Cotswold countryside. Established in 1986 out of the vision of a local vicar, Canon Arthur Dodds, it seeks to bring the healing love of Jesus to all who visit. In his earthly life Jesus healed people in body, soul and spirit wherever he went, and the bible teaches us that he commanded, and empowered, his disciples to do the same. In the power of God’s Holy Spirit this healing ministry continued after Jesus’ death and resurrection and on through the years to the present day. The vision of the Centre is to encourage this ministry. It is an Anglican foundation with an ecumenical outlook, staffed by a full-time community supported by volunteers and administered by a charitable trust.

Individuals may receive ministry through attending services of Christian healing held on Wednesdays at 7.30 pm and Fridays at 10.30 am, through individual prayer ministry for those who live locally and by the provision of residential accommodation for those who wish to come for a few days where prayer ministry is available for those who seek it. Intercessory prayer is also offered for those who cannot come to the Centre

The Centre also provides training courses on, or relevant to, Christian healing, responds to invitations to visit and assist in the development of the healing ministry in local church situations and the facilities of the Centre can be used by church groups who want to come either for the day or short stays.

I have visited Harnhill to receive ministry and for retreat for many years and last October I worked as a member of the residential team for a month as part of my sabbatical. It has become, over the years, a very special place to me and although I will be so sad to leave wonderful friends made during my 7 years working in Bromsgrove, I am delighted that God is now calling me to become a part of the community working at Harnhill.

29th October is also a 5th Sunday parish team service at 10am, All Saints Church, in which we plan to celebrate all lay ministries.  The Bishop has made the authorisation of Eucharistic Ministers and the authorisation of new Authorised Lay Ministers a matter for the parishes and so we will be authorising Sally Brashaw as ALM for children and youth work at this service. Previously, the Deanery has organised an annual service to affirm all authorised ministries but this year, it will be in the parish.  Lay ministry includes everyone who serves in any way, flower arrangers, pastoral visitors, church cleaners, those who handle administration, provide hospitality, lead intercessions, serve as church officers and so much more. Please encourage all those who contribute so much to the life and work of our churches to come and be appreciated and prayed for.  Christine