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Pastoral Letter October 2016



I try to love autumn, but for me it heralds the end of long summer days full of light and freedom from coats and boots. I have always seen it as the beginning of the end and I don’t like endings.autumn

Then someone reminded me that not everyone sees the shortening of light as an ending; some see it as the beginning. The Jewish religion celebrates its Sabbath, beginning on Friday evening, as this for the Jewish people is the start of the new day. A new day that begins with the darkness and ends with the light. For me, autumn is the evening of the year, so can I see it in this same sense as the beginning of the new cycle of life? A cycle that asks us to let go with the trees of all that no longer serves us?, to relax our branches just as the trees do every evening and rest?

Maybe I can. Maybe now that all the work of fruiting and harvest is done for this year, it is time to rest, to breathe, to recognize our ebb and flow, to allow the earth to re-nourish us without expending all our energies.

The earth itself needs rest from producing, from constantly giving of itself, as do we.

So may this time of recreation be a time of re-creation where we discover within us the gratitude for all that this planet gives of itself and think of it in those words spoken by Jesus on God’s behalf, “This is my body given for you,” says God, “This is my blood shed for you take and eat that you may have life”

For the life of this planet is the expression of divine consciousness that shares our life and our seasons. Autumn is a time of allowing the wonder of this natural world to speak deeply of life. Of letting go into the fertile dark earth to wait for the first signs of replenishment and new birth, the true ending which is filled with light.

Rev Bev


Two special services at Dodford Church.

We welcome everyone to come and share the Harvest service which will take place on 9th October at 10.15am

On 6th November at 4pm, we will hold a service for those who have lost loved ones. This is a short service where many find peace and time to remember those we have loved who are no longer with us. All are welcome.