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Pastoral Letter August 2016

Dear Friends,

As I write this, I’m off on holiday tomorrow and I haven’t packed a thing yet! I love holidays once I'm away but I don’t enjoy packing my suitcase or rather trying to decide what to take and what to leave behind. I usually end up taking far too much, just in case I need it, only to bring much of it back home never worn.Summer Holiday

But then invariably when I arrive on holiday I find I’ve forgotten to take something important – like my toothbrush! One year we set off on a camping holiday and I forgot to pack the gas bottle for the cooker – an expensive mistake. To forget to take my passport tomorrow would be pretty disastrous.

Life’s journey can be a bit like this. We can surround ourselves with a lot of what we don’t really need and neglect to have with us the really important things. People of our society in the wealthy western world, have an increasing preoccupation with possessions and the acquisition of things. They may feel that they can’t do without the latest gadget or appliance or they just have to have that extra pair of shoes. And many lured into buying with a credit card what they didn’t really need, find themselves in debt.

I believe that fruitful and contented travelling through life requires us to identify what we really need and to be satisfied with that. When we remember that many in our world don’t even have what we would consider to be the essentials in life, we may be moved to spend our spare money on a worthwhile charity.

And it’s the same in our church life. It’s worth asking – what are we carrying with us that’s weighing us down, sapping all our time and energies and stopping us from doing the real work of the Kingdom?