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April Pastoral Letter

Dear Friends,

The Easter story, is a story of  life, death and new life. Huge subjects to contemplate, yet impossible to avoid, because this is our experience of being. It is a story that is there to help us to re-member –as in, to put ourselves back together again, when life has fragmented us. It reminds us of the deep intuition that is often obscured by the frantic lives we live that is only awakened in us in those awful moments of loss.  It is a story that holds the secret at the depths of our being, that tells our souls that ‘being’ is a continuum, an unfolding evolution of ‘self’ into an even larger awareness of Self. It re-minds us that the humus of suffering can fertilise the seeds of new life and that nothing is wasted. Every time something in us appears to die, it makes way for a larger experience of Being if we will trust it.

This story is the story of death and resurrection that speaks to our deep knowing and tells us, as does all of nature this season; that there is always life springing anew, that even though life appears to depart to the cold depths of winter it arises again in the warmth of spring, away from our sight for only a season.

The Easter story is a promise that life is more than we can imagine. Reminding us that in the depths of our being we already know the love and the truth it holds that help us to re-member ourselves.

So may you be blessed by your own growing this Easter and re-member yourself as being rooted in the source of  Infinite Love.