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Pastoral Letter June 2014

Ministers Letter – June 2014

Dear Friends

A year ago I was coming to the end of my final term at theological college and writing an article for your magazine looking forward to joining you in Bromsgrove as I prepared to be ordained deacon. Now, as I write, it is not to strangers. Instead I write to people I know, amongst whom I have worked and worshipped for almost a year. We have shared our first Christmas and first Easter together.

I have come to know names and faces, as well as the gifts, strengths, personalities and passions you each bring, and feel privileged to have been invited into your lives as I have. Our paths have crossed and we are walking together, sharing our spiritual journeys for a while.

Now we are moving towards Pentecost, and at Peter-tide I will be ordained priest.

This year, as I make my promises in the cathedral, I will know those I am being called to serve.
That makes a huge difference to me. I hope that as many of you as possible will be able to share in that service, but each one of you will be alongside me in my thoughts and prayers, even if you are not all physically present. And then the following day I will preside at my first Eucharist at our joint service as Bromsgrove team at All Saints.

     It was at a Eucharist that God really got my attention some years ago and turned my mind towards ordination. It has been a long journey. When we gather around the table on 29th June I will be remembering that earlier sense of calling, now fulfilled amongst you. And though no doubt I will be anxious about presiding for the first time, and lifting my hands at the right time and saying the words in the right order - none of that will be as important as the fact that we will be gathering together to remember the great love Christ showed for us, and the life we receive through that love.

     You have also been on a journey, as a team, and as individual people. We are pilgrims together on our journey and as the hymn reminds us our role is to hold the Christ-light for one another, and to reflect that light in the place where we find ourselves, so that others may feel its glow.

   I want to thank you for this past year and the welcome you have given me, and now I look forward as one of you with excitement into this new phase for our team. There is so much ahead, so much that is exciting and inspiring if we can share the vision God has for us and build one another up.

As my ordination approaches, and the next phase of my curacy begins, I ask you, in the words of that hymn:

“Brother, Sister, let me serve you. Let me be as Christ to you.

Pray that I may have the grace to let you be my servant to.”