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Pastoral Letter May 2014


Dear Friends,

In 2011 the Worcester Diocese launched ‘Kingdom People’, an initiative to help churches in living out the Gospel in practical, meaningful ways - making an impact on the worldaround them.

As explained on the Worcester Diocesan website, ‘The Church is not an end in itself. It is God’s gift to the world whose purpose is to be an effective sign of God’s Kingdom.

God’s mission is to reconcile the whole creation to himself in Jesus and establish the reign of God. Jesus’ first words in his ministry were ‘Repent and believe the good news: the Kingdom of God is at hand’.

As Christians, we are called to be those who both hear and proclaim that message, becoming agents of the transformation of the world according to God’s loving purposes in Christ. 

What does the Kingdom look like? We are given a vision as we see it portrayed in and by Jesus. In it the values of love, compassion, justice and freedom will prevail.

Our Churches should be communities where the Kingdom is our core conversation, where these Kingdom values characterise our life and through which we strive to bring them alive in our communities’.

We have a picture of what it means to be a people of the Kingdom in the stories of the very first Christians in the Acts of the Apostles. They were strengthened by worship and studying the scriptures, they grew in the warmth of fellowship and by reaching out to others and all this was encouraged as they developed their ministries amongst each other.

Last year at St Godwalds, our Vision Days explored many ways we could develop our life as Kingdom people and out of our conversations new things have begun – the Soup Bowl, Families @Four, Worship for All and occasional healing services, the proposed re-ordering of the church, Prayer on the Streets...

As we continue to deepen our commitment and grow in faith and discipleship we are beginning a new series of study groups to be held at St Godwalds on Tuesdays for all who want to learn more about the basics of our faith – for those who are starting out on their Christian journey or those who would like a ‘refresher’. There will be opportunities to join in with these groups in the afternoon or the evening or even on the internet. Please see the notice in this magazine for more details or speak to me or Carey.