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Pastoral Letter May 2013

Dear Friends,

At the beginning of December last year the Bromsgrove parishes of St John’s with St Andrews, All Saints, St Godwalds and Christ Church with St Luke’s became a single Parish and with Dodford as a separate Parish in the Benefice, all churches are part of the Bromsgrove Team.

Working as a team has many advantages. On a team there’s access to a wider variety of skills, qualities, attributes and expertise and people can focus on what they do best. On a team people bounce ideas off each other and can often turn a good insight or idea into a great project. People can work on different elements of a project which achieves the desired result more effectively. A team can offer support and encouragement that helps individual members through the good times and the difficult times and the shared responsibility can encourage risk taking. Together Everyone Achieves More. And good team working is as important in families and communities as in places of work and in church.

There’s good scriptural and theological evidence that team working is best for us, in fact it’s how we’re designed to live and work. God Himself is a team of three – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus called a team of disciples together at the beginning of his ministry and established that team as the foundation of the church. St Paul describes the church as a body of different parts working together. In a team we have the opportunity to work on developing the loving, trusting and generous relationships that make emotionally secure and contented human beings and in consequence happy families, thriving communities and a peaceful world – the Kingdom of God on earth.

Successful team needs each of its members to play their part. The various components of our community, including the part played by the church, could be seen as parts of a team that works to make community life rewarding and life enhancing. The more effectively the parts work together the better the quality of community life. The members of St Godwalds Church are a team and the success of God’s work in our part of Bromsgrove is dependent on everyone who is involved working together to play their part.

And I know that St Godwalds Church will want to play its part in the Bromsgrove Team of Churches in the years to come and that it will benefit from being a part of this Team as we work together to further the Kingdom of God in all our parishes. There will be a service to celebrate our new relationship and to officially inaugurate this Team and the new clergy roles within it on the 26th May, 3pm at St Godwalds. I hope you can come and play your part.       Christine