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Pastoral Letter Lent 2012

As you read this we may be nearing the end of Lent and preparing at Church to observe ‘Palm Sunday’ and ‘Holy Week’ the last week of Jesus’ life. It’s a week full of drama as Jesus comes violently and unjustly to the end of his earthly life and breaks heaven open for us so that we might share with him, new life in God’s love.

We begin the drama on Palm Sunday remembering Jesus coming into the city of Jerusalem heralded as God’s King and Saviour. He comes to celebrate the ancient festival of Passover, when his people, the Jews, recall God saving their ancestors from slavery in their past. He comes to be the new and ultimate Saviour of all people, not just the Jews.

At the beginning of the week he is cheered and honoured as he rides humbly into the city on a donkey; by the end of the week he is jeered and despised and hung on a cross.

In the days between he continues to challenge the religious leaders of the day for their hypocrisy and failure to love God, and to impress on his friends the overriding call to live in loving self giving service to one another. He is nailed to the cross with all the human pride, bitterness, anger, jealousy and self seeking that we can see reflected in human life all through the ages.

On Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, a demonstration of the power of God and proof that love and

spiritual life cannot ultimately be destroyed; proof too that all the sin and evil that would separate us from the love of God has been defeated in Jesus.

It’s a great story but until we make it our own it remains just that, a good story. If you would like to know more about the Christian faith or have your faith ‘refreshed’ you may like to come along to the Discipleship Group that will be meeting at St Godwald’s Church after Easter. Hoping that you will have a truly blessed Easter time