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Pastoral Letter March 2014

Dear Friends

I am writing this letter the week after I attended the service in Sanders Park to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. Although you will be reading this in March, I believe that it is still relevant – because while it is important to have special times set aside, remembrance is something that should be a continuous process in our busy lives. We look to the past sometimes with nostalgia and sometimes with regret; at times with deep shame, as was the case on Holocaust Memorial Day as we kept silence for the many millions who were persecuted and murdered because they were different. This included not just Jews but many other groups despised by the Nazis, and despised by others since in consequent genocides.

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Pastoral Letter February 2014

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter it’s the very beginning of a new year and I’m wondering what it will have in store, for me personally and for our church and community and for our world. And I’m reminded that in so many ways we are authors of our own destinies. Everything we do has consequences.Some of the things we are benefitting from now or suffering from now will be the consequences of things we did years ago. But it can take time for us to see the consequences of what we do and say, so it’s easy to forget that what we do now, determines what the future will bring.

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Pastoral Letter December 2013

Dear friends,

Perhaps it’s a sign that I’m getting older but Christmases seem to come round faster every year! And I know I’ll do the same things in much the same way, carol services and nativities, turkey and mince pies, cards and presents, Christmas trees and Christmas lights... and the traditions are good because they root us in our history and in our faith and families.

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Pastoral Letter November 2013

Dear Friends,

I recently visited the Christian Resources Exhibition in Birmingham, to be tempted by an array of books, DVDs, CDs, church decorations, furniture and vestments, and information about retreats and so many good causes to support. Amongst the stands I met David giving away copies of a book that he had compiled, a collection of around 2,000 names, their meanings, various spellings and history.

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Letter from our Curate

Hello to you all.

As I write this I am coming to the end of my last week of training at Queens Foundation. By the time you read it I will have moved house, been away on my pre-ordination retreat, been ordained deacon at Worcester Cathedral and joined you at St. Godwald’s. It is a time of profound change for me and for my family: my husband Phil, Asher who is 17 and just taking his AS levels, and Nathanael who is 7. We are leaving the church in Studley where we have been part of the fellowship and lay ministry for the past ten years and beginning a whole new phase of our lives.

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