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Pastoral Letter November 2017

Finding the light in the darkness. 

I find winter quite melancholy, it is the season of the dying of the light, a time for preparation a time for letting go. The season is calling us in out of the cold, away from the distractions of sowing and planting, into the home that is our self. Now is the time to find our light in the darkness, a time to re-mind ourselves and discover how seasons past have grown us. It’s a time to look deep within and notice how the comings and goings have been woven into our being, growing or shrinking our pattern of life.candle light

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Macmillan Coffee Morning

Macmillan Coffee MorningMacmillan

Tuesday 26th September 11.30 am

in the Ruth Heald Room

Please come and support this worthy charity

Pastoral Letter October 2017

Dear Friends,

Sunday 29th October will be my last Sunday working in the Bromsgrove Parish team. I am leaving to take up a post at the Harnhill Centre of Christian Healing as a member of the ministry team there. Many people have asked what kind of place the Harnhill Centre is and what my work will involve.Oct Ltter

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Pastoral Letter February 2017

Dear Friends,

I spent my recent Sabbatical leave exploring and reflecting on different expressions of Christian healing ministry in this country today. I visited three residential centres, each with its own style and approach to healing, and two projects involved in offering healing prayer in the community, run by members of local churches. I have witnessed lives changed for good through healing prayer. I learnt many things and much that is important for our life together as the body of Christ here in Bromsgrove.Healing

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