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Pastoral Letter September 2016


Pastoral Letter for September.

During the summer break on a trip to Worcester, we visited the cathedral (you might want to call that a busman’s holiday). A choir were practicing and it sounded lovely, as did the sense of space. As I looked around the cathedral and in particular the sculptures, I was slightly disturbed as I looked at all these marvellous monuments to Bishops, Lords, ladies and sirs. Why did that disturb me?Sundial

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Pastoral Letter August 2016

Dear Friends,

As I write this, I’m off on holiday tomorrow and I haven’t packed a thing yet! I love holidays once I'm away but I don’t enjoy packing my suitcase or rather trying to decide what to take and what to leave behind. I usually end up taking far too much, just in case I need it, only to bring much of it back home never worn.Summer Holiday

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Pastoral Letter July 2016


Dear Friends,

On a recent day off, Peter and I set out on a walk up, over and around Bredon Hill. It was quite a climb up the hill in the heat! When we reached the top, we looked back from the top and surveyed the view and the way we had come. We congratulated ourselves on making it so far. JOurney

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Pastoral Letter June 2016

I have remarked before in these ministers’ letters on the strangeness of writing something one month which will not be read for another month. As I write we are approaching Pentecost Sunday – the birthday of the church – the marking of God’s gift of the Holy Spirit coming into the world.creation

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