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Thoughts from St Godwalds


Pastoral Letter May 2013

Dear Friends,

At the beginning of December last year the Bromsgrove parishes of St John’s with St Andrews, All Saints, St Godwalds and Christ Church with St Luke’s became a single Parish and with Dodford as a separate Parish in the Benefice, all churches are part of the Bromsgrove Team.

Working as a team has many advantages. On a team there’s access to a wider variety of skills, qualities, attributes and expertise and people can focus on what they do best. On a team people bounce ideas off each other and can often turn a good insight or idea into a great project. People can work on different elements of a project which achieves the desired result more effectively. A team can offer support and encouragement that helps individual members through the good times and the difficult times and the shared responsibility can encourage risk taking. Together Everyone Achieves More. And good team working is as important in families and communities as in places of work and in church.

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Pastoral Letter April 2013

Dear Friends,

‘Death is nothing at all’. These are the opening words of a poem written in the early 20th century by Henry Scott Holland a canon of St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s a poem that is sometimes requested for funeral services. However I know from my own experience of bereavement and from being alongside those who face death and those whose loved ones have died, that this statement is simply not true. Death is always significant and it challenges us to face things we would rather avoid. To be fair to Scott Holland, this was just one perspective on death that he offered, and his poem has been taken out of its context, but it’s interesting that it has become so popular today as a comfort to those who have been bereaved.

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Pastoral Letter March 2013

Dear Friends,

I’m writing having just watched the film of Les Miserables, a story inspired by the struggle for freedom from oppression in 19th century France; a story inspired by the Christian faith in the transforming power of unconditional love. Very near the beginning of the story the embittered ex convict Valjean is given shelter by the Bishop of Digne and the starving man given food – the first act of kindness, generosity and hope that is to change Valjean and set him on an extraordinary journey of love and courage.

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Pastoral Letter February 2013

Dear friends,

I’ve just finished the jigsaw puzzle I started at Christmas. Very late one night I had about a dozen pieces of tree that all looked the same. By trial and error I put the pieces into place. It was impossible to see whether they matched, apart from whether they fitted into the pieces around them. They all seemed to fit neatly until it came to putting in the last piece, and that didn’t. It was obvious now that I’d put some of the other pieces in the wrong places and there was no solution but to take all the surrounding tree pieces out and try again. But I was determined to get the puzzle finished before I went to bed!

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Pastoral Letter May 2012

Dear friends,

It's that time of year when the growth of everything in the garden, fields and woodlands is rapidly flourishing – if we've had enough rain! What, I wonder, does a garden mean to you? Perhaps it's the hard work of keeping the grass cut, the hedges trimmed and the weeds under control. Or perhaps it's the enjoyment of the flowers or birdsong, or freshly picked fruit and vegetables... perhaps a combination of all these and more.

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