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Thoughts from St Godwalds


Pastoral Letter August 2015

Dear Friends,

How well do you know your neighbours?

Not so long ago I was making a visit to a family to arrange a funeral. I’d left my diary, with the address at home. I knew the road, but was uncertain of the number, so seeing a man in his garden I asked whether he knew where the family I was looking for lived. He had no idea. Searching the recesses of my memory, I took a guess, and knocked at a house just a couple of doors away. It was right!

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Pastoral Letter - July


Dear Friends,

For the past month St Godwald’s Church has been hosting the annual exhibition of art work created by pupils of years 7 and 8 from Aston Field’s Middle School. The theme this year is ‘Peace’. The young people have produced pictures, models and reflections inspired by individuals and groups who have worked for peace and demonstrated peace in our world.

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April Pastoral Letter

Dear Friends,

The Easter story, is a story of  life, death and new life. Huge subjects to contemplate, yet impossible to avoid, because this is our experience of being. It is a story that is there to help us to re-member –as in, to put ourselves back together again, when life has fragmented us. It reminds us of the deep intuition that is often obscured by the frantic lives we live that is only awakened in us in those awful moments of loss.  It is a story that holds the secret at the depths of our being, that tells our souls that ‘being’ is a continuum, an unfolding evolution of ‘self’ into an even larger awareness of Self. It re-minds us that the humus of suffering can fertilise the seeds of new life and that nothing is wasted. Every time something in us appears to die, it makes way for a larger experience of Being if we will trust it.

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Pastoral Letter March 2015

Dear Friends,

As you read this we are well into the season of the church’s year called ‘Lent’.

The word Lent comes from the Middle English word for “spring” and Lent comprises the 40 days before Easter, not counting the Sundays. In the early church it was a time when new converts to the Christian faith would be instructed and prepared for baptism at Easter.

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Pastoral Letter November 2014

Dear Friends,

Sunday 12th October saw the beginning of a new chapter in the story of Bromsgrove Team Parish as I was licensed and installed as Team Rector by Bishop Graham and Archdeacon Nikki of Dudley and the Team was re commissioned.  A huge ‘Thank You’ to all those from all our churches who helped to organise and support this service and who provided and shared in the wonderful refreshments afterwards.

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