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Pastoral Letter January 2016

Dear Friends,christine

There’s something deeply hopeful in the beginning of a New Year. Like the first page of the brand new exercise books we were given at primary school at the beginning of a new school year or the promising emptiness of the diary given as a Christmas present – blank pages to be filled in with perfect handwriting, faultless spelling, inspiring thoughts and creative stories, exciting things that had happened.... The old exercise book with all its mistakes and the old diary that we didn’t manage to keep after the second week of January can be thrown away. We can start again!

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Pastoral Letter October 2105

Dear Friends,

A train full of passengers arrives at a busy city station. It’s been on a long journey physically and emotionally. People are tired beyond belief. They are strangers to this place, far from home. Many do not expect to see that home again. It has gone, and along with it everything they have known. Many have lost family as well as livelihood. It has been a Damascus Road experience. Literally.

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Pastoral Letter September 2015

PASTORAL LETTER                                                               

God’s face has changed for me over my lifetime. I was given as a child the image of the Great Jehovah, the almighty judge and slayer of heathens. A sky God who was ruthless with unbelievers and demanded the death of whole peoples who did not bow to his might. A God that can be painted still today with the selective palette of literal hue from the legends and stories of the Iron Age tribe of Israel and the zeal of less discerning disciples both old and new.

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Pastoral Letter August 2015

Dear Friends,

How well do you know your neighbours?

Not so long ago I was making a visit to a family to arrange a funeral. I’d left my diary, with the address at home. I knew the road, but was uncertain of the number, so seeing a man in his garden I asked whether he knew where the family I was looking for lived. He had no idea. Searching the recesses of my memory, I took a guess, and knocked at a house just a couple of doors away. It was right!

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Pastoral Letter - July


Dear Friends,

For the past month St Godwald’s Church has been hosting the annual exhibition of art work created by pupils of years 7 and 8 from Aston Field’s Middle School. The theme this year is ‘Peace’. The young people have produced pictures, models and reflections inspired by individuals and groups who have worked for peace and demonstrated peace in our world.

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