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Pastoral Letter February 2017

Dear Friends,

I spent my recent Sabbatical leave exploring and reflecting on different expressions of Christian healing ministry in this country today. I visited three residential centres, each with its own style and approach to healing, and two projects involved in offering healing prayer in the community, run by members of local churches. I have witnessed lives changed for good through healing prayer. I learnt many things and much that is important for our life together as the body of Christ here in Bromsgrove.Healing

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Pastoral Letter November 2016


Minister’s letter,

I have been struck this week by two conversations I have had about the way we remember. The first was about the emphasis of Remembrance Day. While the focus is understandably on the many lives that have been lost in conflict through the years, it is important to remember those lived through conflict and stand beside us on Remembrance Sunday. For their memories remain with them vividly however many years have passed. Some are able to speak of their experiences, what they witnessed, what they know; others are not. Poppies

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Pastoral Letter September 2016


Pastoral Letter for September.

During the summer break on a trip to Worcester, we visited the cathedral (you might want to call that a busman’s holiday). A choir were practicing and it sounded lovely, as did the sense of space. As I looked around the cathedral and in particular the sculptures, I was slightly disturbed as I looked at all these marvellous monuments to Bishops, Lords, ladies and sirs. Why did that disturb me?Sundial

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